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Cebit – Band Of Modders

Been a while since my last post here :) Here's a full report from our little Cebit trip thanks to Asphiax!    

Cebit .. Here we come!

We're going to have some fun @ Cebit! This year as a mod quad :) Richard Keirsgieter - Kier Sander van der Velden - Asphiax Nick de Reuver - Nixjuh And me :P Cu @ friday & saturday!               .

Corsair FTW!

After winning the Bit-Tech MOTY Corsair contacted me for sponsorship of my future mods. Well ... they couldn't make me more happy :) Thanks Gareth!!!!!

Thanks every one!!

Well, it's been a truly indescribable modding year for me, and I wanted to close out this tremendous honor by thanking the following sponsors, friends and fans. In case you missed it (pun intended), I somehow managed to scrape by extremely talented competition and pull some awards in the process. It still makes me so proud, as the competition was refined and full of talent!

Asus ROG MARS II 3GB !!!!

Quite a surprise from Asus … Instead of a Matrix card they sent me this!! It will off course be watercooled inside my current project ‘L3p L4n’ (With a Custom Fullcover waterblock)       Thanks Rogier and Milan from Asus Benelux! I hope you enjoy the pictures..  

Ttesports in the game!

Ttesports in the game to help me out with a filled Gaming bag for my current project. Thanks Ttesports!    

Bitspower Package!

Worth the waiting 😛 A real dream to be able to use these items in my current project ‘L3p L4n’! Thanks Vincent & Bitspower!!!! Just enjoy the pictures.. (Sorry couldn’t help playing with it already 🙂 )  

Support from Dremel® !

Got in contact with Dremel® a few months ago. Explained them i didn’t use a dremel in my previous mod and just purchased one for my current mod. They were glad to help me out on the Dremel accessories!

Asus and EKWB FTW!

The first and custom "L3p L4n" EKWB block for the Asus Maximus VI Gene-Z. Isn't it sweet? Thanks a very very lot Rogier and Gregor! More info can be found in the buildlogs.

i7 2600K lapping tutorial

Finished the successful lapping yesterday. Here's the Tutorial with high res photo's :) How to lap an i7 2600K

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