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Guru3D Rig Of The Month !

I'm so proud ! :P For years i could only dream of the ROTM systems. Now i got my own little spot :) Guru3D Rig Of The Month July        

New Project: L3p L4n !

Started a new build especially for lan party's! More info in the menu "L3p L4n".             Off course not without the help of the following company's Thanks !!     Main Sponsor   Sponsor Hardware Sponsor Watercooling parts   Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000      

2nd place in the Cooler Master Casemod Compo !

Second place in the Cooler Master Casemod Compo 2011 ! Such an honor in the best worldwide compo there is !   Cooler Master Casemod Compo Thanks for all who supported me and voted for me !          

L3p D3sk Goes Viral !

What a day ! Really thanks a lot all for all the positive reactions !!! I wanted to make screenshots of all the pages, but i quit after page 20 when i searched for "L3p D3sk" with google :) A better crown on my work just isn't possible !            

New pictures !

A lot has changed ! New hardware, powdercoated, new setup etc etc For new photo's made with a Canon EOS 400D go here. Thanks for borrowing atsiekratsie.nl ! L3p D3sk Pictures

Thanks Bigfoot Networks !

Special thanks to Bigfoot networks for sending me a very very nice Bigfoot Networks™ Killer™ 2100 Gaming Network Card!   Had to mod it to fit in the d3sk, but off course the desk needed one :)       The Killer™ 2100 Gaming Network Card delivers maximum networking performance for online games, whether you’re playing MMOs or first-person shooters. Featuring Advanced Game Detect™, Killer™

Thanks Cooler Master !

I want to thank Cooler Master for the wonderful silent psu's they sent me. For this project i needed more Watts cause of the hardware used. So they helped me out a lot. Currently I'm still testing with them :)                

Welcome Asus !

Highflow, Asus and EKWB thanks a lot ! Finally the SLI dream came true. Big update coming soon in the buildlogs ! . . . . . .

Thanks Highflow, EKWB and Wwwicked !

Got lots of nice stuff sponsored by Highflow, EKWB and Wwwicked ! Thanks alot guys ! See the buildlogs for all the hardware / WC stuff. I also updated the pictures in the L3p D3sk picture gallery. . . .

Succesfully lapped my Cpu !

Took me a hole day and got sore fingers....but. It was a succes ! Got my temperatures down 5 - 9 °C I wrote a how-to in my Other Builds/Mods section. Have fun !

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