My name is Peter Brands, online known as L3p and i’m 35 years old.

I live in a small town called Urk in the Netherlands.

I’m an electrician, and mostly active on trawlers, vessels,

onshore installations in industry, utilities and residential buildings.

My hobbies are quite obvious, everything that has to do with computers,

hardware, software, and modding/tweaking it 🙂

I launched this site since i wanted to have all my work,

mods, sponsors and hardware specs together.






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Because of limited time I only do

commissioned custom builds in rare occasions.

Want a custom built rig?

Contact one of these guys:

Pcjunkiemods – USA

BS Mods – USA

Nerdy Ninjas – USA

Dutch Lion Customising – Netherlands

Watermod – France – Belgium

Davido Labido – UK




Please do >> NOT << contact me for the following.

I’m sorry but I’m already 8 hours short a day with 2 jobs, a family and a hobby 🙂

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Sponsorship. You can read about that >>>>here<<<<

– Hardware tips and problems.

– Asking me to setup your first complete watercooling setup.

– Asking for tips how to build a desk. All I know can be found in my >> worklogs <<

– Asking for tips how to modify your own case.

– Asking for my L3p D3sk 3D drawings.
Only have >> this << enlarged sketchup picture left. All other info can be found in the >> worklogs

– Don’t ask me what the total costs of a project are.

– I’m no longer related to Red Harbinger.



Any other questions 🙂

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